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vain_violence's Journal

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1. Post your application within 24 hours of applying.
2. If youre rejected, Dont come back... and don't whine like a little bitch.
[Little Bitches Will Be Banned]
3. This community IS based on LOOKS.
[So if youre ugly, dont bother]
4. If youre not into punk rock or any sort of subculture, Dont bother applying.
[Emo doesnt count, because we all know EMO isnt really music.]
5. Dont post any gay obscure pictures of the side of your face.
[Youre automatically REJECTED if you do]
6. YOU MUST BE 16+ to apply
7. DO NOT comment in any other post other than your own until you recieve your stamp.
8.Your taste in music must be awesome.
9.When applying dont get cunt sore if someone gives you a no. And dont waste everyones time by asking "Why?". It's obnoxious and makes you look like a retard. [ALSO] If one of your friends is applying and gets No'ed dont go into bitch mode and hate that person for it.
10. Once accepted, go ahead and be a fucking cunt.
[We like it]

Age[under 16 need not apply]:
Reason why we shouldn't Ban the fuck outta your ass:
Top 10 bands you can't live without:
Post at least 3 pictures:
[One face shot, One hair shot [NO DREADS ALLOWED], and one Style shot: More is ALWAYS ok]

In the future there will be a monthy theme.
And pictures should posted once a month from every member in order to keep it alive in here
[Once a week would be even better, but I know not everyone has a webcam or digital camera]

[Your Lovely Mods]

Krystal katastrophie77 + remyrocker


\:::The Chosen Few:::/

[Dont Fuck With These People]
[kidradical] [ladyluck1957]
[waronthestreets] [abstracttears]
[specialxduties] [total_fat_og]
[xivegotagun] [classytrash]
[slaughterette] [zombieheart_die]
Or your ass WILL be banned
[Note: No need to vote on CHOSEN FEW, theyre automatically accepted.]


dropdeaddolly: What a dumbass, Bitch needs to get AIDS. P.S. TOOL SUCKS
humping_stevo for being a ROLLERBLADING fag. Dont mess with my Chosen Few, cunt.
xvice_squadx: For being a gross, illiterate mammoth who should get AIDS.

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